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29 Aug 2014

A42 Sicilian Defense: Hyperaccelerated Fianchetto

A42 Sicilian Defense: Hyperaccelerated Fianchetto

I'm back posting again, as this month mostly went unfortunately down the drain with all the computer problems, starting next month I will update this blog daily again. With the new computer quite a lot has changed in the way I do things. With the help of my newly acquired Deep Fritz 14 and the new engine I got for it, Stockfish 5 64 SSE4.2 at least the quality of analysis should be better than it was earlier. Not only that but the processor and well all parts of the computer should be much better also to get as good analysis as possible. Will these improvements help me play better in the future? I do hope so but I also know that I haven't improved my level of play in years... We shall see if I can ever properly call myself a good chess player.

Game number two. I have changed the ECO code that was previously found in this post because I noticed it was wrong, I had not remember to change the ECO code from the program suggestion when I first posted this. The game below was played in a team match called Open Challenge Canada1. It is played between Canada1 and Obsessive Chess Disorder!! on 80 boards. I am playing on board 20 for Obsessive Chess Disorder!! and I lost this game too quickly. The opening went horribly wrong for me. The score in the match is 54,5 - 34,5 in favor of Canada1, so it does not look good for our team but the match is still far from over.

Game number three. This was played at GameKnot in the mike5972p's mini-tournament VII. I am currently in fourth place and I have gathered 13 points in the 18 games that have finished. If I happen to win both of my remaining games, I will finish third in this tournament. At the moment, however, it does not look all that promising. Fourth place is more likely to be mine than third place and they are my only options. This game was added to this post July 30th 2015.

Game number four. This one was a real rollercoaster of a game. This features huge blunders from both players. I was the one who got a winning position first then blundered it away but I fought on and I was rewarded when my opponent made a huge blunder which gave me a winning position again. The game below was played in the mike5972p's mini-tournament VII. This mini-tournament is held at GameKnot and it is one game away from finishing. The last game in the tournament is my game against calenzana (1860), who will end up in second place, no matter what happens in that last game. That last game is a bit more important for me though, because if I win or draw that game, I will end up in third place. If I lose, I will be fourth in the final standings. A player called responda (1816) has won the tournament having gathered 17 points in 20 games. Third place goes either to ledinscak (1699) or to me. This game was added to this post August 14th 2015.

Game number five. In this 29th game in the 100 game match between me and a friend of mine, I manage to once again take the lead. So far the match has gone a bit back and forth between even score and one of us taking a small lead. The score after this game was 15 - 14 in my favor.

Game number six. The 45th game in the 100 game match was a silly little game that proved the perils of moving too fast in anticipation that your opponent will play the same way as he has before. Obviously the move anticipated by my friend was not 4.Qxd4 but 4.Nxd4 hence the fatal mistake 4...Bg7?? that unfortunately loses the game immediately. After this game the score was already 27.5 - 17.5 in my favor. There is still time, of course, to turn things around but my opponent needs to start winning several games in a row to do so or at least avoid losing at all cost and win games in smaller portions while drawing the other games.

8 Aug 2014

Update post on how things are at the moment

Hi all, sorry that I wasn't able to post yesterday, there was electricity outage and all sort of things that messed some things for me. This is also a post to tell that I may not be able to post my games at all for some time, this depends if I get Chessbase 12 into working properly again. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure that the problem I have is with Chessbase but it certainly seems to be the reason. For a day or two now, when I click on the Chessbase 12 icon, the program starts running normally and keeps doing it but if I try after a few minutes to get into internet, I am unable to do so. I'm not at all sure why this has started happening now, though after some of the latest updates on the program there have been some problems on the usage of the program like preview of the databases wasn't working properly or something like that. Now the only problem I have with it is that it basically jams the computer somewhat.

I will try to reinstall the program in hopes that it would fix the problem. In the meanwhile however I am not going to able to put more of my games in this blog. If I am unable to fix the problem, it might take until I get myself a new computer that you will see more of my ever so fine games... ;-)

6 Aug 2014

D03 Queen Pawn Game: Torre Attack

D03 Queen Pawn Game: Torre Attack

I wonder if I learn the openings I play ever well enough that I would be able to know all of them by heart and know what a certain variation is called. Sure it might not be necessary to know them by name or exact move order but still it would be nice if I could. Yes, I know that it is probably much more important to know the ideas behind openings and not the moves. The game I share with you now is a good example of an opening I know very little about but after doing some research about it for this blog post, it turns out there is not all that much to learn. At least in the resources I have used to look at openings. Until next time, my dear readers, may you be plenty in the future... ;-) The analysis was updated February 5th 2015.

Game number two. Up to a point I play well again but then I start to self-destruct. I guess I need a lot more practise on games where there are material imbalance like there was in this game. The game is from a tournament called mike5972p's mini-tournament VII. This one was my first loss in this tournament and against a player who is now very close of winning the whole tournament. I still have my chances but this really made things more difficult for me. This is a 11 player tournament where two players have withdrawn, so only nine players still remain. It is a rare thing that I would play this opening but maybe I could try it out again some time as this game was not decided in the opening but later on in the game.

Game number three. This game is taken from a tournament called mike5972p's mini-tournament VII and it is an ongoing tournament at GameKnot. I am currently in sixth place but I still have theoretical chances of winning the tournament but that would require for me to win all of my remaining games. So far I have played 13 games in this tournament with a score of 11 wins and 2 losses. It is a score that I am happy to have received but it might not be enough for the win, a lot depends on what happens in my second game against the current leader. The first game I lost, so maybe now it is time to even the score.

Game number four. This game was played in a team match called Match Name: TMCL 2016 Sub-Div. B4 R3. This quite large team match is played on 203 boards between I like beer and Chess and Baker Street Irregulars. I am playing on board 19 for Baker Street Irregulars. The current score in the match is 151.5 - 169.5 in favor of Baker Street Irregulars. We may have a nice lead in the match, but there are still lot of games to finish and the winner of the match is still far from decided.

I started to go wrong with 6...Nc6 and it would have been better to play 6...cxd4. Unfortunately I continued playing bad moves and after my next move 7...dxc4 I was in even bigger problems. Despite these moves, I should have been able to keep the position from going to a completely lost one, which I was actually able to do for a few moves. Then on my 11th move I made a horrible blunder and played Ke7. I think I played that move because I did not want doubled pawns on the f-file and also I needed to go away from Nc7+ possibilities. I thought that it would be okay not to castle in this position because there are no queens left on the board anymore and therefore it should be a bit safer to keep the king on the center. However, I should have obviously castled and playing Ke7 was foolish from me. My opponent, jtibon, did not reply accurately and I got a chance to hold the position. I was not able to hold the slightly unfavorable position for very long and already on move 15, I started to go towards a loss once again. I made a second bad bishop move in a row when I played 16...Bb6 and against a good reply, I would have been in huge trouble. However, jtibon did not find the best move and played 17.Ne5, which does keep the advantage on the side of my opponent, but only slightly. Then both players blundered and the position after 18.Nxd7 is close to even. I should have replied with Nxd7 and I could have gotten a draw out of this game, but I played 18...Bxb2 thinking that I can win some material. This could have also lead to a draw, especially after 19.Rb1, but at that moment I missed 20.Nb6 for some reason and I played 19...Bc3 losing the game. I really should have taken the knight when I had the chance.

5 Aug 2014

B21 Sicilian Defense: McDonnell Attack.

B21 Sicilian Defense: McDonnell Attack

I am back again after a couple of days break. I was playing in a Finnish Team Blitz Championships last weekend and managed to get a win against an IM!! That was the best win as of yet in any form of chess that I have ever had.

I had the intention of posting here yesterday but to be honest I was way too tired after the long trip to post here. I should be able to do these posts uniterrupted for a long time since I am not planning to go to a close chess tournament any time soon. This game I found from my collection of analysed games again, so the analysis is a few years old. I did add some things and removed something in the opening analysis but the rest of the game is a bit old analysis. Analysis improved and updated January 7th 2015.

1 Aug 2014

B12 Caro-Kann Defense: Advance Variation

B12 Caro-Kann Defense: Advance Variation

This is the last post I will make before I need to be ready to leave to a chess tournament. I will be able to post again earliest on Monday, latest on Tuesday. Have a great weekend everyone who came to read this today and to everyone who it will apply to in the future. This is quite a short game but mostly it is played in a good level at least on my opinion for a 5 minute game at least. Analysis updated February 1st 2015.

Game number two. Updating this post with a loss of mine to put the winning percentage to 50%. Also this is a game with a bit longer time controls than the first example, showing maybe that level of play does not change that much. Then again the way this latter game has been analysed is somewhat different to first one aswell.

Game number three and second loss in this line. Caro-Kann does not seem to suit to my playing style on either color. I have quite bad results in it, well what I can remember that is. I do not have the accurate statistics for it yet.

Game number four. This was played in the 2014 September Grand Seven Fourteen III tournament at Red Hot Pawn. The winner of this tournament has already been decided even though all the games have not yet finished. Tournament was won by a player called kopsov (1873) with 114 points. Second place has not been decided yet and it will either go to Luft (1981) or to Reverb (1747). Luft has already completed all of his or her games and gathered 102 points in 40 games. Reverb has only one game left and only by winning that game will Reverb be able to finish on second place. By drawing that game Reverb will share the second place finish with Luft. In case I win my last game in the tournament and Reverb loses, I will be on shared third place with Reverb.