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30 Sep 2014

A10 English Opening: Anglo-Scandinavian Defense. Löhn Gambit

A10 English Opening: Anglo-Scandinavian Defense. Löhn Gambit

I almost was not able to post on time to make a new update for today. I might be able to get back into normal posting schedule in a couple of days when I am not feeling sick anymore. Tomorrow I might be posting maybe a bit earlier than today but not guaranteed. I updated my post on C84 Spanish Game: Closed Variations today aswell and it was another loss, so two losses of mine that you can enjoy in todays updates.

29 Sep 2014

D04 Queen Pawn Game: Colle System

D04 Queen Pawn Game: Colle System

I am still feeling a bit feverish so it was lucky that I got something to post about on the first game I looked at. I am also getting a bit into time trouble of sorts in my correspondence games due to this because I just do not have enough energy to move in any games that I am not losing on time. I guess it is also me trying not to make too stupid moves. I have done those this year enough to last me a lifetime, I will make really bad moves in the future aswell albeit I may not get away from those unless I somehow figure out how to properly play chess.

Another example of the Colle System, in this one I managed to win the game. This second game has been updated to this post October 14th 2014.

In this third game the opening is played in unnatural move order, the usual move order can be seen in game one. The game below was played in a team match called Diamonds vs CHESS STAR RESORT---Open 3day/move, 1-10 boards. The match is played between Diamond Members & Staff and CHESS STAR RESORT. I play board 4 for Diamond Members & Staff. Only one game remains in the match and it is my game against chessxfun. We have already won the match as we lead the match 13 - 6 and our opponent can only get one more point. I wonder how many times it has happened that my game is the last one to finish in a team match but I know that there is quite a lot of those times both online and over the board.

Game number four. This one was played in a team match called K&MF,10/16/2014 and it is played between MY FRIENDS = MOJI PRIJATELJI = ΦΙΛΟΙ ΜΟΥ and The Night's Watch at Castle Black. I play board 3 in this match for The Night's Watch at Castle Black. Our opponent has already secured the win in this match before the last game ends as they lead the match currently 27 - 12. My other game against MAHanif is the last one to finish, surprise, surprise. That game only decides the final score, nothing more. This match started October 16th 2014. This game was added to this post March 6th 2015.

Game number five. The game below was played in a tournament called 2014 August Grand Seven Fourteen II that is still ongoing at Red Hot Pawn. This 21 player tournament is going quite well for me and I am one of the two players that can still win this tournament. I am currently second, only one point behind caissad4, who is still leading the tournament. The win is most likely decided in the two games that are played between me and caissad4 but as there are still other games left for both us, other games might mix things up aswell. This game was added to this post April 28th 2015.

Game number six. The game below was played in a team match called Happy New Year 2015 !! The match is played between The Empire Of Assassins and Kasparov Chess Club. The current score in this 71 board match is 95 - 46 in favor of The Empire Of Assassins. I played on board 6 in this match for The Empire Of Assassins and lost both of my games. I played quite decent chess for the first 30 moves in the game below but then I missed a tactic and reached a really bad position and lost quite quickly.

Game number seven. This was played on round one of the 1800+ 7 Days tournament at The game below went horribly wrong for me quite quickly and I thought about resigning after I lost that bishop because I played the very sloppy move 7...Nxd5?? but I decided to prolong the pain for a couple of moves because I thought I could get some play for the lost piece at least. This tournament as a whole has been quite disappointing for me due to the bad moves that I seem to play in almost every game. I have four games still left to play on round one and if I keep playing this badly, I will not be able to advance to the second round. In order for me to do so, I would need to finish at least third in the final standings.

Game number eight. This game was played on the first round of the 2015 October Grand Split Three Seven I 1800+ tournament that is being played at Red Hot Pawn at the time I type this. The tournament started with 30 players, who were divided into two groups of 15. I am playing in group 1 and I have gathered 39 points so far. With that many points I am currently on 6th place. Because I am also the 6th highest rated player in the group, this is pretty much expected position for me to be in. My opponent in this game, 2advent, is currently on 13th place with 17 points. While group 1 has been decided for awhile now, in group 2 it is still unclear if someone else other than Thunderrook (2443) will advance to the second round and face cenerentola (2547) and determine who will win the tournament.

28 Sep 2014

D02 Queen Pawn Game: Symmetrical Variation. Pseudo-Catalan

D02 Queen Pawn Game: Symmetrical Variation. Pseudo-Catalan

I am still avoiding losing on time despite the fact that it is increasingly hard to find moves that I would like and be happy about playing. The fact that I have been sick for the last couple of days and therefore also more tired than usual does not help either. I don't have games analysed for my next posts which means that the blog might uploaded only later on Monday than usual or not at all. Latter option is more unlikely though and I do try my best to keep up with normal daily updates.

Game number two. This game I thought about for a while whether or not to share it as the ending does not make all that much sense. I do not remember what happened back then but most likely reason is that my opponent lost this game on time.

Game number three. This is a first round game from my first ever FIDE Online Arena tournament. I played quite well in my opinion and ended up winning the game. It was then quite a good start for the tournament.

Game number four. This was played in the first round of the Smaller tournament. I have finished three out of the eight games on round one so far and won two and only lost this game. The two gathered points have put me in third place at this point in time. Only the winner or winners will advance to the next round. The game started to go wrong for me around move 12 when I played Qc7 instead of d4 which might have been actually a decent move to play. This game was added to this post May 29th 2015.

Game number five. This game was played in a team match called You like jengkol, too? It is played on 93 boards between LullabyVisca and I like beer and Chess. I play on board 32 for LullabyVisca. The current score in the match is 76.5 - 81.5 in favor of I like beer and Chess. We might be behind in points at the moment, but we can still turn things around.

The first time I made a bad decision in this game was when I played 6...Qb6. I am not really sure anymore why I played it, 6...dxc4 seems to be a clearly better alternative. After this both players make some small mistakes until I make probably the decisive mistake 20...Qf5. I should have played 20...Rxc1 instead, in order to keep myself in the game. Ovoll played the remaining moves well and did not let me get back into the game.

27 Sep 2014

D30 Queen's Gambit Declined: General

D30 Queen's Gambit Declined: General

I used to play Queen's Gambit Declined in my earliest chess games for couple of years and then I changed my way of answering to 1.d4 to that what I had seen in chess videos by IM Greg Shahade or curtains as he is also known. It was the days when he was posting his videos to, I think I watched every single one of his videos up to the point they became mostly pay to see videos. Later on I found out that he has a Youtube channel Greg Shahade Chess, as I saw that I thought I should subscribe to that because he has some really good videos there and it is a shame that he does not get more views and subscribers. I have to admit though that I haven't been watching those videos for some time but because there does not seem to be any time for it anymore, so many things that I consider to be more important use of my time. I also have not watched Larry Christiansen's Attack with LarryC videos either anymore and I like those aswell but there is not enough hours in the day to do all the things I maybe would want to include to my day.

In this second example it took two consecutive blunders from me to lose the game, first one was not that terrible as my opponent did not take full advantage of it but the second one was lethal.

Game number three and first draw and it seems that the game examples go from the most recent ones to older ones. That is of course just coincidence that this is the case. The next game here that I publish may have been played anytime during the last 13 years that I have played chess or rather it is a time period of which I have documented games to show.

Game number four. This is my first ever game against Marko Krale, who is one of the most active players at Red Hot Pawn. This was played over ten years ago and it featured a time control I have not played after this game at all, the timeout was 1 day and I eventually lost this game on time. It was a shame as I probably have a decent game. The analysis done by the analysis program does suggest that I am clearly better in the in the last position of this game but I am not so sure about it. I do have the bishop pair in the plus side which my opponent has not and I would maybe say that I am slightly better instead of clearly better. Maybe the activity of my pieces is also slightly better than my opponent's, so that would also suggest that I am on the better side of things. I wonder if these two factors are enough to put me in a clearly better position.

Game number five. The game below was played in a team match called ♔ Chess Without Limits ♔ vs "MONIKA". It is played between Limitless Chess and "MONIKA" on 35 boards. I play in this match for Limitless Chess on board 3. This is very evenly fought match as the current score is 31 - 32 in favor of "MONIKA". In the game below wrong move order lost me the game, I should have played 25...f6 and 26...Bf5 and not the other way around like I did in the game because the order I played in the game allows 27.Nxc6! and after that the game is pretty much over.

Game number six. This was played in the tedjj's mini-tournament XLIII at GameKnot. This is the last game I have played there, I will activate myself there again at some point but for now I am taking a bit of a break. I am sixth in the standings at the moment and I will also be sixth in the final standings because there is only one game left to finish in the tournament and the result that comes from that game does not affect me in any way. It will decide who will be second and third in the final standings, so it is a meaningful game in that way. This game had some difficult moments and when I got a position where I knew that I no longer have to fear losing, I made a silly mistake. Not a mistake that would have resulted in me losing the game, but I missed the forced mate on move 40 because I had planned the material winning combination and did not look for a better move. After I had made my move, I of course realised that there was a forced mate. Had I lost this game because I did not see the win, I would have probably seen that crusial moment in my mind when I would try to sleep. There have been some positions that have haunted me after the game and I remember one that came to my mind every night for a week or two after the game was played.

Game number seven. This game was played on the fourth round of a weekend tournament that was held at Hämeenlinna almost eight years ago. On the first round I won against a player who was rated 1418, then on the second round I lost against a player who had a rating of 1772 and on the third round I was able to get my second win of the tournament against a player who was rated 1674 at the time this tournament was played. This fourth round draw meant that on the first four rounds I had been able to get 2.5 points.

The first mistake of the game was my 11th move Ndf6, it just does not tactically work. It made it possible for my opponent to play 12.Bxc7, which he of course played. My position went further down the drain with my move 13...Qd7. I should have been quite lost at this point in the game, but somehow I was able to salvage the game to a draw. My opponent did not play the best reply to 13...Qd7, but was able to get a clear advantage that deteriorated to a small advantage with Jan's 27th move. He played 27.Nd2, but he should have played 27.Rc7. That did not really last long, since my reply was a bad one and the advantage of my opponent increased again. Stockfish seems to like my opponent's position and thinks that White is clearly better for the rest of the game. However, even though White's pawn structure is much better than Black's and White's bishop is clearly better, it may not be enough to win the game. It is hard to think of any sequence of moves that could win the game for my opponent from the last position of this game if both players play accurate moves that is.

Game number eight. The game below was played in a team match called "A Live Wire Static Thematic". It is played on 14 boards between LIVE WIRE and The Night's Watch at Castle Black. I played on board 4 for The Night's Watch at Castle Black and lost both of my games against Iacopo. The current score in the match is 17.5 - 9.5 in favor of LIVE WIRE, which means that they have secured the win already.

I think the game was played reasonably well by both players until I played 22...Nd7. The idea was to put pressure on the c5-pawn. It was difficult for me to come up with a plan at this point in the game and I think I chose poorly. However, I am not sure what I should have done instead. The only other thing comes into mind is Ne4 and maybe that was a better alternative. In the game continuation I ended up on the worse side of the board. I think my next move made things worse for me because it allowed Iacopo to play Ne4 due to the pin on the d-file. The only real way to stop Ne4 would have been to play my knight back to f6, but that would have meant that Nd7 was just a waste of time, so I tried to stick with my plan. I think that the move that seemed so attractive to me at first, 25...Nxc5, was not the best idea and after that I found myself in some difficulties. I could have likely still been able to get a draw, but I messed up on move 34 and after that I could not avoid losing the game anymore, despite of the fact that my opponent played 35.Re5 as a reply, which only gave Iacopo a small advantage. That did not matter much because I moved my queen to a bad square after which I was going towards a loss again.

26 Sep 2014

A37 English Opening: Symmetrical Variation. Two Knights Line

A37 English Opening: Symmetrical Variation. Two Knights Line

I tried to play some blitz today against a friend of mine and the games were quite horrible, I play either play too fast or too slow. Well from the six games we played, we both won three of them so pretty even match up in the statistical way of looking at things. I guess the games should be more interesting this way, I mean if either side would have dominated over the other one, it might not have been all that interesting to either of the participants. As usual this has nothing to do with the game I am showing you now. The game below I assume has ended around four months ago, I never remember if it takes the date when the game has finished to be in the pgn-file or the day when the game was created. The day when it has finished seems a bit more logical though and probably is the correct date put in there.

My second published game in this variation and my second win. This post was updated as a part of the celebration of my 100th post in a different opening variation on October 23rd 2014.

Game number three. Well this next one I lost on time, so I was not sure if I should include it especially when the position it was left in is close to a draw. Thinking time was 7 days per move and I had much less games in progress those days, so I am not sure how this loss on time could happen. I guess it was the time when I started to lose interest on chess in a big way.

25 Sep 2014

E32 Nimzo-Indian Defense: Classical Variation

E32 Nimzo-Indian Defense: Classical Variation

There are over 70 different opening variations featured in this blog already and there still might be more. Every day I keep finding new ones. It has been interesting to go through my old games and see that I have played a lot different stuff over the years that I have mostly forgotten. I still feel that I play mostly the same nonsense over and over again even though there is clear evidence that it is not completely true. Then again it may be my opponents who are the reason for all the different lines, I would play the same thing always if my opponents would do the same.

This second game was played at Red Hot Pawn in later part of 2012. Both players did some bad moves but luckily for me, my opponent made the last mistake that I was able to take advantage of.

Game number three. This one was played in a team match called Diamonds vs NINJA EMPIRE---Open 3day/move, 1-10 boards. It was played between Diamond Members & Staff and NINJA EMPIRE ~ 忍者帝国. I played board two in this ten board match for Diamond Members & Staff. The match ended 11,5 - 8,5 in favor of Diamond Members & Staff! My two games in this match ended in a win and a loss. The game below I won on time, the position at the end is a draw with accurate play.

Game number four. After I started playing only challenges at the FIDE Online Arena, I had a very good streak of games. After four games I had won three and played one draw. I think my opponent in this game was the first Arena Candidate Master I had faced at FOA. MystOdyssey's rating is high enough for being Arena FIDE Master but at the time that this game was played the title shown for my opponent was only Arena Candidate Master.

Game number five. This one was played in a team match called Friendly match that ended up lasting a bit over a year. It was played on five boards between Himgouree's club and Afro-Latin Rhythms & Chess. I played on baord 1 for Himgouree's club and in addition to this win, I drew my other game against Tamakun. With a score of 1.5 out of 2, I was the best scoring player of our team and since only our board three was able to score a point, we lost the match with a score of 2.5 - 7.5.

C19 French Defense: Winawer Variation. Positional Variation

C19 French Defense: Winawer Variation. Positional Variation

One of the rare occasions where there is theory being played in a game of mine longer than two first moves... Even in this example the move order is a bit different than it is in the actual theoretical line but yeah, the same position can be achieved in so many ways. This post comes a bit later during the day because I had to go and try to teach some kids on how to play chess. The first group was maybe a bit too big to handle but the later group was smaller and had better chances of getting something through to them. Luckily I do not have to go there every week but once a month as there are people who rotate through the month.

24 Sep 2014

C45 Scotch Game: Classical Variation

C45 Scotch Game: Classical Variation

I wonder how long it would take for me to analyse all my games and post them or am I even able to do it as I do play more chess games almost every day. Of course if I could keep posting more games than I actually play during a day I might get there someday. That day will not be anytime soon as there are thousands of games more to analyse and maybe getting three to four games posted a day in this blog. Until next time, my fellow chess enthusiasts.

Game number two. This one was played in the latter part of 2012. Back then I managed to finish my games much faster than now but then again I had much less games in progress at the same time.

Game number three. This is just one of the forty games from the 2014 August Grand Seven Fourteen II tournament. This one was not really the hardest test for my chess skills but when I am playing, anything can happen. I managed to win both my games against Diapason in this tournament. As this tournament started August 11th 2014, some of my games from this tournament might become challengers to the longest game I have ever played. That longest game lasted close to a year. It was also played at Red Hot Pawn and that game ended in a draw. I played against fracas in that game if I am not mistaken. That game can be found in this blog aswell.

Game number four. This game was played in a tournament called 2014 September Octet I 1700-1800. I may have been the highest player in this tournament but I was nowhere near of winning it. Second place is still what I fight for and I think I am able to get it. Only two games remain and those have been ongoing quite a long time since they started September 10th 2014. This game was added to this post March 24th 2015.

Game number five. This was played in a team match called DORU-66 & HIS BEST FRIENDS vs TURK CHESS PLAYERS. This is a rather large team match that is played on 217 boards. The current score in the match is 211,5 - 197,5 in favor of DORU-66 & HIS BEST FRIENDS. I played on board 38 in this match for DORU-66 & HIS BEST FRIENDS and won and lost a game. The game below ended in a silly blunder I made that should not happen to a player like me anymore.

Game number six. This one was played in the first round of the Smaller Tournament that is held at This 50 player tournament started on March 4th 2015 and all players were divided into groups of five. I am playing in group #4 and I am currently on second place. In the seven games that have finished, I have gathered five wins, one draw and one loss. My only remaining game is against Jessemw915, who is also currently leading the group. He has gathered six wins and one loss so far. Our game is also the last one in the group so what happens in that one, will decide the fate of the number one spot. In order for me to win the group and advance to the second round, I need to win that game if I do not, Jessemw915 will win the group and advance to the second round. Even though I do not like the idea of increasing the amount of games I have in progress, I will still play to win my last game on round one.

Game number seven. This one was played in a team match called James Clerk Maxwell. The match is played on 21 boards between Maxwellian Chess Fanatics and MY FRIENDS = MOJI PRIJATELJI = ΦΙΛΟΙ ΜΟΥ. I am playing on board 9 for MY FRIENDS = MOJI PRIJATELJI = ΦΙΛΟΙ ΜΟΥ. The current score in the match is 5 - 17 in our favor, so we are doing really well at the moment, but the match is still not won. Maxwellian Chess Fanatics has lost six of the games in timeouts and MY FRIENDS = MOJI PRIJATELJI = ΦΙΛΟΙ ΜΟΥ has lost two games on time.

Game number eight. This one is from a team match called James Clerk Maxwell. It is being played on 21 boards, though active play is only seen on 10 boards. The match is played between Maxwellian Chess Fanatics and MY FRIENDS = MOJI PRIJATELJI = ΦΙΛΟΙ ΜΟΥ. I played on board 9 for MY FRIENDS = MOJI PRIJATELJI = ΦΙΛΟΙ ΜΟΥ and I was able to win both of my games against Chessnut_too. The starting position for all of the games played in the match was C45 Scotch Game: Classical Variation that consists of the moves 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 exd4 4.Nxd4 Bc5. The current score in the match is 5 - 18 in favor of MY FRIENDS = MOJI PRIJATELJI = ΦΙΛΟΙ ΜΟΥ, so we are crushing our opponents with a huge difference or so it would seem at this point. We have not secured the win just yet though and it would be a big mistake to think that we have done so.

Game number nine. This was played in the paweljaniak's mini-tournament I at GameKnot. There are seven players taking part in this mini-tournament and I am currently on 5th place. I have gathered 3.5 point in six games and if I win all my remaining games, I will be 2nd in the final standings. Ledzepp is currently on 2nd place and he has 8 points at the moment and only one game left. That last game is against me and it might decide who finishes second. Of course in case I lose two games before our second encounter starts, ledzepp will be on 2nd place in the final standings no matter what happens in our second game.

I have mostly played 4...Nf6 when facing the Scotch but I think from now on I will continue playing 4...Bc5 instead. This is because I think I prefer the positions that arise from this Classical Variation. I do not really like the doubled pawns that I usually get after 4...Nf6 and 4...Bc5 at least avoids the doubled pawns, so my pawn structure is better in this line. However, I did not get into a position that I would call a huge success and only after ledzepp played 21.Bb3 did I think that I might be getting some play that might get me the full point. When I had won the the pawn on b4, I assumed that ledzepp would play 23.a3, which would force me to play 23...c5. After c5 there is an interesting choice to play 24.Bxg7 and the game would suddenly become much more interesting. I am not sure if the idea works all that well, ledzepp would be a pawn down there too, but at least he would have also get some compensation for it in view of my shattered pawn structure in front of my king. The game continuation is much more easy for me to play for awhile and after seeing the second pawn winning move of 35...Qf6, followed by 36...Qxf5, I started to be very confident about my winning chances. Unfortunately for my opponent his badly placed queen and both of the rooks enabled the secong pawn grab. The rest of the game did not pose any real threats to me, so I was able to play without too many worries. My opponent thought it better to resign after I played 41...Qd4+, because I would just win another pawn if we had continued the game and the position would have been even more hopeless for ledzepp.

Game number ten. The game below was played in a team match called TMCL 2016 Sub-Div. E1 R2. The match consists of 15 boards and it is played between DEORLS! and FC Tom (ФК Томь). I played on board 8 for DEORLS! and won both of my games against zartosht71 on time. The current score in the match is 18 - 6 in favor of DEORLS! We will therefore get the win as soon as all games are finished. This game was really short and did not really have any real mistakes that I could type about here, the position remained quite even the whole game.

B12 Caro-Kann Defense: Advance Variation. Short Variation

B12 Caro-Kann Defense: Advance Variation. Short Variation

There just does not seem to be enough hours in the day to do all that I would like to. 200 or so correspondence games take few hours of my time and yesterday I could not even move in all the games I would have normally moved because I wanted to do other things with my time aswell. Well, I can only blame one person for it and that is me. I am trying to decrease the amount of games I am playing but then I see something interesting and decide to join a team match in order to play Chess960. I have tried to start games in that Chess variant at but had really bad results, they never seem to get past move one... If they even start at all as the challenges I put there disappear after a while. Not sure if the site decides that I have already too many games where it is my move. Which I noticed when I had maybe 20 games where it was my move, I was not allowed to create a new game. Now if I would lose games on time, this kind of not allowing me to start more games might somehow make sense but as I have not lost games due to time running out in years, the site should not say when I can start new games, especially when I am a premium member there. I have not found out that similar things would be happening on any other site I play. This is also wierd because I could enter as many tournaments I like even if I had 20+ games where it is my move. In truth this is not that big of a problem but maybe something they could change. Do not get me wrong, I think it is still one of the best places to play and learn chess.

Game number two. This one was played in the second round of the 2014 August Banded Quartets I 1700-1800 tournament. In the first round I played reasonably well and won my group and as only group winners advanced to the second round, so did I. In this second round I have played quite badly and now I just try to avoid getting the shared last place in the second round. I have one game left and that will decide what happens to me.

Game number three. This is another short game that ended in a timeout victory for me. The final position favors Black slightly but in order it to matter, the player who controls the black pieces needs to actually move in the time allowed... My last move in the game was not that good and after that Black seems to get a slightly better position. I should have intead played 13.g4 in order to keep the black knight on the bad square h6. The reason why my move was bad is due to the fact that the knight could have jumped to f5 next move where it would have been more active. The game below was played in a tournament called 2014 September Grand Seven Fourteen III. It is one the tournaments at Red Hot Pawn that I can still win if everything goes right.

Game number four. This was played at Red Hot Pawn in the first round of a tournament called 2014 October Split II. 24 players started this tournament and they were divided into two twelve player groups. As only the winner or winners advance to the next round, the final group on round two might consist of only two players. I am still in the fight for the win of group one with three other players. I did not play the game below perfectly but I was never in real danger of losing it either.

Game number five. This quite messy game was played in the first round of the 2014 October Split II tournament at Red Hot Pawn. Both players did a reasonable amount of mistakes in this game and the winner could have been either one. I ended up on winning this game on time, after I had claimed some advantage over my opponent. I should say though that with me controlling the pieces almost anything can happen and there are certainly ways in which I could have messed this one up. It is not that easy to win from the position at the end that I could go on automatic play mode. I am still in the lead of group 1 as nothing has changed from the last time I covered a game from this tournament.

Game number six. This may be a long awaited game for some people. I remember one person asking why there are no games featuring caissad4? To which I answered that there were no finished games of mine that were against him. This is the first one and so far the only one that has finished. There are likely to be more by the end of the year though. This game was played in the 2014 August Grand Seven Fourteen II tournament and despite the fact that I lost this game against my main rival, this is also a tournament where I have a very good chance to win. It would be my first one at Red Hot Pawn and second correspondence chess tournament victory. This was a game where the advantage shifted from player to player and at the end I could not find a right way to play and lost the game unnecessarily. I am not saying that my opponent did not deserve to win this game, because he most certainly did deserve to win this. He was able to take advantage of my mistake 47.h4?? from which I could not recover from anymore.

23 Sep 2014

C46 Three Knights Opening: General

C46 Three Knights Opening: General

So that this blog would not consist mainly of my won games, here is one that I lost, there will be more losses, draws and other things coming some time soon. Managing at the moment couple of posts per day, let us see how long I can keep it up, no pun intented... ;-) This a repost from one of my older ones under a new opening because I thought the one it was under was not right for it. The updates to older posts might occur also on the future in a way that I either rename them or move some of the games under more appropriate opening. Mostly the posts are the way I like them but some of the older ones where I did not look into the openings as closely as I should have, are somewhat wrong in my opinion.

Game number two. This was played in the first round of the 2014 August Banded Threesomes I 1700-1800 tournament. The tournament started August 22nd 2014 and it is still ongoing and will be for some months with this pace. I won my first round group with one other player, so two out of three players from the group advanced to the second round. There will be third round at some point but it should be the last round, unless of course there are more than one player advancing from the groups to the third round but it is unlikely at this point.

A46 Indian Game: Knights Variation. General

A46 Indian Game: Knights Variation. General

The second truly new post today, thought doing another one and also tell of the updated posts that I added games to. The posts I have updated today are Dutch Defense: General and English Opening: King's English Variation. General, they both have now three games to look at. I might still do some of my older posts again since the openings might not be technically correct in some of them, a bit obsessed on things like that sometimes. We shall see if I get into changing them.

Game number two in this opening and second win, not intentional but something that just happened. As I go through my games these days in the order that they are in my database and post them here, anything can happen.

This third game was played in a tournament called tedjj's mini-tournament XLIII. The tournament is held at GameKnot. The thinking time in this tournament is something I have not experienced before entering these mini-tournaments, you start with 3 days/move but you have a 2 day increment but it is limited so you can't have more than 5 days to make one move. There are 11 players in the tournament and I am at the moment on 9th place. If I keep making the same kind of blunders as I did in this game I am not going to battle for the top positions in this tournament. I still can't believe I made the move 22.Rb2?? which really is a horrible move but which I made because I wanted to chase the queen somewhere else. I did notice that my c-rook is only protected by the bishop on a3 but somehow forgot that when I made my move. Well I have made similar blunders before this year, so it is unfortunately too familiar to me. Sure this kind of blunders I make only in a small part of my games but it still annoys me to destroy a good game on one idiotic move.

A00 Irregular Openings (1.g3 d5 2.Bg2 e5 3.d3 Nf6)

A00 Irregular Openings (1.g3 d5 2.Bg2 e5 3.d3 Nf6)

I managed to get over 1800 finally at Red Hot Pawn, took me about 10 years... Okay, I was not playing actively there in some of those years or at all but still. Had I remained a non-subscriber there it might have taken me many more years and or months. That is mainly because free members only get to play six games simultaneously there. Now I have over 140 games in progress there which, of course, helps to increase or sometimes decrease my rating much faster than if I only played only six games at a time. I seen people increase their rating around 300 points a day, but that of course is very rare as it needs a lot of games to end in the same day. I am hoping to get to 1900 there as well at some point but that might take several months or it could be a matter of days, it all depends how fast games end and if I manage to win more than I lose. I think I my winning percentage is around 72 there. It may seem quite a lot, but I guess I have mainly played against lower rated people there.

The game featured inaccurate moves during the first eight moves, but the first really horrible move of the game was played by me on move 9 when I moved my bishop to f5. It was actually so bad move that it could have been the losing move. The reason why the bishop is so badly placed at f5 is seen in the continuation 10.fxe5 Nxe5?? 11.Nxe5 Rxe5 12.d4 and the piece on f5 is lost. Therefore a better reply to 10.fxe5 would be 10...Nd7 and be content with the loss of a pawn.

Unfortunately for my opponent, he or she did not play the move 10.fxe5 and moved the king to h1 instead. With that move SavyNL went from a position where he or she had a winning advantage to being clearly worse. However, in order to get that clear advantage, I needed to play 10...e4. In the game I moved my queen to d7 in order to connect the rooks and maybe protect the bishop so that it could go to h3 and maybe trade the light-squared bishops later on. The next turning point in the game came after the move 16...Ne3. In that position my opponent moved the threatened rook to b1, which seems like a good idea at first, it is placed on a semi-open file where it attacks the pawn on b7, but the rook was already on a semi-open file where it could attack the doubled pawns on the f-file. Maybe SavyNL did not like to move the rook to f2, because it could be answered with Ng4 and repetition of moves would be possible.

I then played the very tempting move 17...Qh3 and the initiative was on my side, at least for the time being. It was not the most accurate move in the position and it did not start a dangerous attack, because my opponent was able to easily deal with the moves I came up with. The engine recommends the move 17...c5 at depth 33. The game continued to be played in a relatively equal way up to the move 24...R3e5. SavyNL moved the e-pawn to e4 in order to further protect the on f5, but it was insufficient because I had the square e4 under my control.

Because of that I won a pawn, but things were not that easy for me and actually I messed up very soon after I had won the pawn. The game continued with the moves 25...dxe4 26.Qe2 and then I foolishly took the knight on f5 with my rook. I should have taken on d3 with my pawn first, so that I could have remained clearly on the driver's seat. The knights would have been traded in both cases, but I would have had an extra pawn and the king could have taken the knight on f5, allowing it to have more squares to go to. The next diagram shows the position in which the last blunder of the game was played.

I moved the attacked rook to e5, which allowed the very nasty check at g4 with the queen. I had to go to h6 with my king and then SavyNL played 32.Rxe5 and I was lost no matter what I did, so I resigned after seeing the move. The pawn can't take the rook because of the reply 33.Qg5# and if the rook takes it, then Qxd7 wins the game.

[Event "Let's Play!"] [Site ""] [Date "2014.05.18"] [Round "?"] [White "SavyNL"] [Black "Vierjoki, Timo"] [Result "1-0"] [ECO "A00"] [WhiteElo "1807"] [BlackElo "1773"] [Annotator "Stockfish 8 64 POPCNT (30s), TV"] [PlyCount "63"] [EventDate "2014.??.??"] 1. g3 {Hungarian Opening: General} d5 2. Bg2 e5 (2... c5 {Hungarian Opening: Reversed Modern Defense}) (2... c6 {Hungarian Opening: Slav Formation}) (2... e6 {Hungarian Opening: Catalan Formation}) 3. d3 (3. c4 dxc4 4. b3 {Hungarian Opening: Winterberg Gambit}) 3... Nf6 {A00 Irregular Openings} 4. f4 Nc6 (4... exf4 5. Bxf4 Bc5 6. d4 Bd6 7. Qd2 O-O 8. Nc3 c6 9. O-O-O Bf5 10. Bg5 Re8 11. Nf3 h6 12. Bf4 Bb4 13. Ne5 Be4 14. Bf3 Nbd7 15. Rhf1 Bh7 16. Nxd7 Nxd7 17. Bg4 Nb6 18. b3 Nc4 19. Qe1 {Gulay,A (1634)-Liu,H (2065) Kocaeli 2013 0-1}) 5. Nc3 ( 5. fxe5 Nxe5 6. Nf3 Nxf3+ 7. exf3 Bc5 8. d4 Qe7+ 9. Kf2 Bb6 10. Re1 Be6 11. Bh3 O-O 12. Bxe6 fxe6 13. Kg2 c5 14. Be3 Rae8 15. dxc5 Bxc5 16. c3 e5 17. Bg5 Qe6 18. Nd2 Bb6 19. a4 Qf5 {Ratolistka,J (2059)-Studnicka,T (2310) Prague 2005 0-1 (63)}) 5... Bb4 $146 (5... Be6 6. Nh3 Bc5 7. fxe5 Ng4 8. Na4 Ne3 9. Bxe3 Bxe3 10. c3 b5 11. d4 bxa4 12. Qxa4 Qd7 13. Nf4 Bxf4 14. gxf4 Ne7 15. Qa5 Bf5 16. b3 O-O 17. Rg1 f6 18. c4 c6 19. exf6 Rxf6 20. e3 {Gibson,J-Wallace,P Mulcahy 1974 0-1}) 6. a3 Bxc3+ 7. bxc3 O-O (7... e4 8. Rb1 $15) 8. Nf3 {White threatens to win material: Nf3xe5} Re8 9. O-O Bf5 $4 {a transit from better to worse} (9... e4 10. Ne5 $15) 10. Kh1 $4 {throwing away the advantage} (10. fxe5 $142 { White missed this excellent chance} Nd7 11. Nh4 $18) 10... Qd7 (10... e4 11. Ne5 $17) 11. fxe5 $15 Nxe5 {Black has an active position} 12. Bg5 Bh3 (12... Neg4 13. Nh4 Be6 14. Rb1 $15) 13. Bxf6 gxf6 (13... Bxg2+ 14. Kxg2 gxf6 15. Nxe5 Rxe5 16. Rxf6 $11) 14. Qd2 (14. Nh4 $5 $14) 14... Bxg2+ $11 15. Kxg2 Ng4 16. Kh1 {White king safety improved} (16. Kg1 Ne3 17. Rf2 Re6 $11) 16... Ne3 { Black threatens to win material: Ne3xf1} 17. Rfb1 (17. Rf2 Re7 $15) 17... Qh3 ( 17... c5 $5 $17) 18. Rg1 $15 Ng4 {Black has a mate threat} 19. Rg2 Re3 (19... Re7 20. Qf4 $11) 20. Rb1 $11 b6 21. Rb4 Rae8 22. Rf4 Kg7 23. Nd4 Kg6 24. Nf5 { White threatens to win material: Nf5xe3} R3e5 25. e4 (25. Nh4+ $142 $5 { is worthy of consideration} Kg7 26. Kg1 $11) 25... dxe4 $17 26. Qe2 Rxf5 (26... exd3 $5 27. Rxg4+ Kxf5 28. Qf3+ Ke6 29. cxd3 Ke7 $17) 27. Rxg4+ $15 Rg5 28. Rh4 Qd7 29. Rxe4 Re6 (29... Rxe4 30. Qxe4+ Kg7 31. Rf2 $17) 30. h4 $11 Rge5 $4 { throws away a nice position} (30... Rxe4 $142 {was necessary} 31. Qxe4+ f5 $11) 31. Qg4+ $18 Kh6 (31... Rg5 {hoping against hope} 32. hxg5 Rd6 33. gxf6+ Qxg4 34. Rxg4+ Kf5 $18) 32. Rxe5 (32. Rxe5 Rxe5 33. Qxd7 Kg7 34. Qxc7 Rf5 35. Qxa7 Re5 36. Kh2 b5 37. Rf2 b4 38. Qb6 Re6 39. Qd8 b3 40. Rf4 f5 41. Rxf5 Re2+ 42. Kh3 Re6 43. Qd7 Rf6 44. Qd4 h6 45. Qxf6+ Kg8 46. Qxf7+ Kh8 47. cxb3 h5 48. Rxh5#) 1-0

22 Sep 2014

E00 Indian Game: East Indian Defense

E00 Indian Game: East Indian Defense

I wonder if anyone truly enjoys chess if there is no real improvement in sight. I mean I have not really improved all that much in years or at all but whenever I get my highest rating in any given site, I feel maybe wrongly that there might be hope for me yet. I did manage to get to 2141 at the Queen Alice Internet Chess Club but then I had to lose like an idiot and drop my rating over 20 points. I did won the next game the same day even but it did not bring me all that closer to that peak as I only got couple of points for the win. I play too hastily even though there are long time controls and I should use at least some of it, well bigger amount of my time as I have done so far... This game I actually lost on time. The year 2009 was a time for timeouts for me, luckily I do not suffer those anymore in correspondence chess.

Game number two. The game below was played in a team match called Man of History - Gough Whitlam (Round Two). It was played between Historical Association and Team Australia. I played board 9 for the Historical Association in this match I managed to help my team with two wins this time. We won the match with a score of 25 - 15! This match, played on twenty boards, started October 4th 2014 and ended February 25th 2015. This game was added February 27th 2015.

Game number three. This was played at the FIDE Online Arena on December 8th 2015. This was my seventh game of the day and third consecutive game against Costache Florin Remus. This was my 39th cocnsecutive game with a rating of 1700 or above and I was on my way to 1800 or above rating. I was going towards the right direction and it certainly helped me to play the remaining 11 games out of the Arena Internationl Master requirement.

The first mistake in the game below was the move 4...Ba6. I am not sure why I played this move. I should have realised that Ba6 allows e4 to be played. Bb7 would have been obviously a better move to play. My opponent's reply e3 is not the ideal one, e4 was better and the game continuation leads to a more even position. I did not reply in the best way to the move e3, I should have played d5 instead of 5...Be7. I think d5 is better because it would prevent the move e4, so my bishop moves are not good for the same reason. Then again playing e4 in this position is not a natural one after the move e3 has already been played. The more natural move to see is 6.Nf3 which just equalises the position. The next real balance shift is experienced when Costache plays 14.Nc6 which is not a good move and it gives me a small advantage. I lose that small advantage with the move 17...b5, it would have been better to play a5, h5 or Re6. The next balance shift comes with the move 20.Bb2, it was better to play 20.Nf4. The move played in the game hands over the advantage to me. The balance kept shifting from one player to another for a quite a long time until my opponent played 37.Rba1, which turned out to be the move that lost the game. Costach should have played Ra3, Re1 or Qf3 in order to keep the position as close to even as possible. I would have had only a small advantage and not a winning advantage as in the game continuation.

Game number four. This one was played in a mini-tournament called paweljaniak's mini-tournament I. I am currently on third place and if I win my last game, I will be on second place in the final standings of the group. The creator of this particular mini-tournament, paweljaniak, will officially take the win after all games have finished, there is actually only one game left to finish and it is my game against chief_huerta (1652). Paweljaniak was able to get 11 out of 12 points, he only lost one game which is quite impressive score, but then again he is the strongest player to take part in this mini-tournament. I have been able to gather 7.5 points in 11 games, which I think is good enough score for me. My opponent, bengi95, was able to gather 5.5 points in 12 games and finished on 4th place.

In the game below bengi95 played 3.a3 in order to stop 3...Bb4. While the move a3 is definetely not the losing move, it is not the best idea either. White should not be too concerned about Black playing Bb4 and follow it up later on by taking on c3. That being said I think that the position remained quite even the first 9 moves. Bengi95's 10th move seemed like a bad move to me because it allowed me to play e5 and it places the knight on a square where it is more passive and on the way of other pieces. Maybe the idea of Ne1 was to play Bf3 or something and try to trade the light-squared bishops off the board. Well, regardless of what the plan was, I think it did not work out well for bengi95. I think the position went further down the drain for my opponent when he played 13.f4. I think that move just weakens bengi95's pawn structure. It left a weak pawn on e3, which I was able to win later on in the game. The mistake that actually started to lose material for my opponent was when he played 19.Bf3, I guess hoping that I would play Rac8 in response. The plan did not work because I could just take on e3 with a check and be up a pawn. After I won the pawn, I just tried to trade all the pieces off the board as I was confident that I can win with the extra pawn. The win was not as simple as I would have thought and maybe trading the queens was something that I should not have done. I did lose that pawn back on move 36 and at that point I thought I might be heading towards a draw, but I was still optimistic about my chances because the queenside pawns seemed weak and my king was a bit more active than its counterpart. I was able to eventually win both queenside pawns, after which the game became much easier to play.

21 Sep 2014

C52 Italian Game: Evans Gambit. Pierce Defense

C52 Italian Game: Evans Gambit. Pierce Defense

I have been trying to improve this blog and make it better by updating some older posts and removing things that became obsolete as a result. That means that in posts where there were old analysis from years long past, I looked at the opening and classified it under a better description in my opinion at least. There are some older posts that I have not gotten into just yet but they will be updated to be more like the latest posts. I have also made a post about all the openings I have covered here, it will update everytime when I make changes to my posts or make new posts that will be included there. For a while there were links that did not work but I fixed it yesterday and they should all work now. If you find some link that does not work, however, please leave a comment and I will look into it. As this is also my last game I have fully analysed, it will take some time to get new posts up, there is no doubt in my mind though that the blog will be updated tomorrow aswell but maybe later in the evening.

Game number two. Maybe I should learn this Evans Gambit thing soon as it is something where I seem to do quite badly all the time. Then again it is something I face quite rarely, so should I really put the time in to learn it. If my oppoents ever happen to read this blog, they could start using the Evans Gambit against me, so that I would maybe learn it someday...

Game number three and third loss in this line, will the losing the streak ever stop... Only time will tell. Well this I resigned due to lack of interest in the game, so this may not give a realistic score of this line.

Game number four. This game was played in the round two of the Sarah's Mini Cooper Tournament (No 52). I am currently on second place in group #1. I have gathered 3 points so far and I have two games left to finish. If I win both of my last games, I will win the group and thus also advance to the third round. Well, second place finish in the group would also mean that I am advancing to the third round and I am quite confident about being able to advance to the next round at the moment. I won the game below on time but also the position in the end is in my favor.

Game number five. This one was played in a team match called OCD v USCF (1500+). This match is played on 58 boards between Obsessive Chess Disorder!! and U.S. Chess Federation. I won this game on time, my position is not winning in the last position, so definetely no need to resign this position with White. I ended up winning both of my games against jjamieson, the first one I won by resignation and it was a more of a fighting game than this one. The score in the match is 46,5 - 61,5 in favor fo U.S. Chess Federation, so they have scured the win already.

20 Sep 2014

A10 English Opening: Great Snake Variation

A10 English Opening: Great Snake Variation

This is just one of the many examples where I play well up to a point and then comes the brain fart after which I play the worst move possible and lose easily. My self-destructing tendencies when I play chess is probably my biggest problem that inhibits my improvent. Then again, maybe it is my unawareness of tactics in the position that enables my losing ways.

Game number two. This variation seems to have become my Achilles' heel as my winning percentage in it so far in the two games posted is zero. This update to this post was done October 23rd 2014, the same day when I posted my 100th example of different opening variations.

This game number three finally ends my losing streak in this variation but I still lack a win in it. Maybe some day there will also be a win in this line for me...

Game number four. At long last I found a game in this line that I had actually won! Still need to find another to balance the wins and losses. Well, I will post all the wins and losses I can find.

This game number five I apparently resigned due to the lack of interest I had for chess back in the time this was played. As such this might give a more negative result in this line than it should be.

Game number six. This is the first round game from the tournament that was held at Akaa in 2004. Another good start for the tournament that was yet another success story for me. I did not know about that after this first round of course, all I knew was that I had all the chances for a good tournament. And this first round differed a bit from the games I was used to play, I was the higher rated player for a change, usually I had been the lower rated player in almost all of my previous over the board games.

Game number seven. This was played in a weekend tournament at Tampere between March 18th and 19th in 2006. The game below was played on the last round and this win was only a small consolation after the two previous rounds that made sure that my rating will drop. I was only able to win two games out of the five, on rounds two and five. On other rounds I lost and what made it even worse for me, two out of those three opponents were lower rated than me. The two players I won against were also lower rated than me, which meant that my expected result was obviously higher than what I was able to get. My rating dropped 38 points because of this and in the first three tournaments of 2006, my rating had gone down already over 100 points.

Game number eight. This was played on the first round of the tournament that was played at Hämeenlinna in June, 2008. The year 2008 was a year of recovery for me from the disasterous chess year of 2006 and it continued the progress that had started in 2007. I was able to get to back to my peak rating of that time, 1783, later on in the year, but then it came down again, though not as badly as in 2006. The first move that changed this game from evenly fought one to my slight advantage was 4...d6. It was better to play either 4...e5 or 4...Nf6, for instance. When this game was played, I had usually a certain move order that I followed when I played the English, despite of what my opponent played, or rather if my opponent's moves did not hinder that order of moves I followed that plan without thinking other alternatives that much. It was not the best idea since after 4...d6, I should have played 5.d4, but instead went for the move 5.e3, which is not as good of a move. My opponent replied with 5...e6, which seems to be a really passive move. 5...Nf6 was again the better alternative. Then on move 7, my opponent played Qc7 and I am not sure what the point of that move is. I would have preferred to castle in that position, but 7...d5 seems like a good idea as well. My opponent kept playing bizarre moves with his 9th move Nf8. There is no way one can play like that and expect to have a good result from the game. That may be counted as the losing move, even though I was not able to play the strongest possible moves, I was always able to at least keep a clear advantage in the position.

Game number nine. The game below was played at Naantali, in a Open Finnish Championship tournament. This was played on round one and I think this is the single worst tournament that I have ever played. Never before or after this tournament have I lost 101 rating points in one tournament. It was interesting because right before this tournament, I had played a weekend tournament at Kurikka where I increased my rating by 64 points. This was the first time that I had played two over the board tournaments in a row like this. If I remember correctly, my opponent in this game played really fast compared to me and I had to use a lot of time to think of the different possibilities. Unfortunately that time usage was not really beneficial to me, as the result shows.

This game was rather well played by both players until my opponent played 22...c5. This was my chance to get a clear advantage by playing 23.f4, but I miss that opportunity and played 23.Nd5 instead and the game remained to be fought evenly. The first time that I ended up on the worse side of the position was when I played 26.Rbd1. I was able to get back on the advantageous side due to the inaccurate move 31...c4. The game went on without any disasterous moves from either player until I self-destructed when I played 44.Rb2. Luckily for me, my opponent was not able to take advantage of my blunder and the move 44...Qd7 gave me a chance to hold the position together. However, I had to blunder immediately again and I was losing the game again. I was given another chance to hold on for the draw after 48...Qc5, but again I stumbled, this time on move 52, when I played my losing move Qc2. I did continue a few more moves but had to resign after 55...Rc1+. Of course my opponent could have played 55...Qb1#, but I guess played too quickly and missed that move. Not that it mattered much because both moves ended the game on the same move.

B01 Scandinavian Defense: Icelandic-Palme Gambit

B01 Scandinavian Defense: Icelandic-Palme Gambit

Another example in the Scandinavian and this opening variation was requested by one of the readers of the blog, so here it goes and hopefully he enjoys my loss. This was previously posted in my first post on this blog but going through my old posts and updating some things to make the posts more unified in a way, I happened to see that this is not the way I do things anymore so I needed to take this game from there and repost it. I also renamed my first post to make it more accurate.

Game number two. I am not sure why, but I have started to face this line relatively often lately. I can't blame my opponents because I have very bad results in this opening so far and they should consider playing it against me. Maybe after enough losses I start to see ways to play this opening better. This was played in the high-stakes mini-tournament called atadros's mini-tournament V. The term high-stakes refers to the fact that the entry cost for this tournament was higher than normal, but the winnings are also increased. At the moment I am on 9th place in this tournament that consists of 11 players. I have played three games to completion so far and I have won one game and lost two. My opponent, desaparicidos, has won all of his five finished games and is currently on 3rd place. The starting time on the clocks of each player is 3 days, but 1 day is added to your time each time you make a move. However, the maximum accumulated time is 5 days, so that the maximum time you can use per move is limited to some extent. Of course you can postpone games if you can't make your moves in the time that is normally reserved for them. Mainly due to this game, I have altered the way I handle this opening, but I think that more improvement is still required.

Game number three. This game is the 400th loss of mine in a chess game that I have published. This one was played on the third round of the Sarah's Mini Cooper Tournament (No 52). The trophies for this tournament are pictures of different Mini Coopers. At the moment my chances for any of those three Mini Coopers are not so good because I have lost all my three games on this third round. I have still a chance to finish on second place if I win all my remaining games. That would mean that I would have 5 points after all my games are finished and I would overtake quequeg by half a point in the standings. It will be tough to win all of those games, but I am going to do my best in order to secure my place on the fourth round.

19 Sep 2014

Openings I have covered and my results in them

Collection of openings covered in the blog

Here I shall put all the openings in ascending ECO code and my results in them.