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17 Jul 2014

C53 Italian game: Classical Variation. De la Bourdonnais Variation

C53 Italian Game: Classical Variation. De La Bourdonnais Variation

This game and the analysis that comes with it are a blast from the past, played around seven years ago on a correspondence chess site called Red Hot Pawn. By the way, I changed my handle in the notation so if you do find this handle in Red Hot Pawn it isn't me. I could post my other games quite fast from now on, well the ones that have already been analysed but when they run out, I need to start analysing again and then the rate of my posts will slow down a bit. Posts will come everyday though, so be prepared for them. Please post comments if you find something odd about the analysis or in general want to chat about the great and time consuming 64 square madness that we call chess. In the game below you see a game that is full of mistakes, which hopefully means that you can learn from the mistakes made in this game, so you are not going to do similar ones in your own games. I may not remember much from these old games but I do remember seeing that mate in two on moves 23... and 24... after it was no longer possible to do. I was angry for myself not being able to see it before. Luckily now that I am older and maybe in some cases even wiser, I do not take it all that hard if I miss something like this and I am able to concentrate on next moves without the previous mistakes still in mind.

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