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19 Jul 2014

C03 French Defense: Tarrasch Variation

C03 French Defense: Tarrasch Variation

In my many games over the years, French Defense is most likely one of the rarest occuring opening. Despite that fact, I would like to at some point learn it so that I could play with both colors with some confidence. Well, actually I would like to at some point rotate between a lot openings without the result suffering in the process. It is an ambitious plan I have to admit and I may never achieve it but I am still going to try my best, for what it is worth.

Game number two. This game was part of the French Thematic tournament held at and it is only one of the two times that I have faced an International Master in correspondence chess. The other time was actually against this same opponent in this same tournament. That game ended in my victory, so I was able to tie my record against him.

For the third example of the C03 French Defense: Tarrasch Variation, I have put in the notation different opening variations than in the previous games in this same line. I try to do this whenever it is possible so that there are some fresh ideas in them.

This fourth game is from the round one of the French 2014 tournament. This was the shortest loss I suffered on round one. I did manage to get to round two though barely. In round two I am in a group of five people where I am the lowest rated player. We will see how well this round goes for me but I am kind of hoping that I will not advance to the next round as I am starting to lower the game load as much as possible. This game was added January 16th 2015.

Game number five. My opponent in this game was National Master Okechukwu Iwu. This game was played in round two of the French 2014 thematic tournament at I playing on group #2 which consists of five players and I am currently in fourth place. Three of the best players from each group will advance to the next round and I have still theoretical chances of advancing to the third round. I have only gathered two points in the six games that have finished this round and there are two games left for me to finish. NM Okechukwu Iwu will win the group as he has won all his finished seven games and the last game that he has in progress will not change that. Second place finisher is not so clear at this point but it currently belongs to Lasker64. Lasker64 has gathered 4 points and he or she has only one game left. Albatros1 is on third place and he or she has gathered two points like me but has four games left to finish, while I have only two. While the game below was not completely horribly played by me, it was quite clear who the better player was the whole game.

Game number six. This game was played on the third round of the French 2014 tournament. In all games the moves 1.e4 e6 have been premade, so the games start with White's second move. I advanced from the first round by finishing third in Group 3 with 4.5 points. I was able to get half a point more than the player who finished fourth. Three of the best players in each group will advance to the next round, so I barely managed to get to the second round. Then on the second round I was again able to get third place, this time having a full point more than the player who finished fourth. On the second round I played in Group 2 and was able to get 3.5 points. The first round group consisted of six players and the second round group had five players in it. On this third round I am playing in Group 2 and it has four players. I am basically on shared third place at the moment with half a point to show for my three games. I think this time I face strong enough opponents that I will not advance to the fourth round. Actually I am currently the only player who has lost any of his games, so my luck is maybe running out. Honestly I did not think that I could advance from the first round either when I saw who were playing in the same group, but I managed to squeeze my way through. It was really disappointing for me to see in what group I was going to play in on round 3, mainly because two players from the previous round are playing in the same group as I am. I would have preferred to play against different people this time. One of the players I had faced also on round two was National Master Ejarov. I have now lost all my three games against him and I doubt that the fourth game will change the grim results I have had against to a more positive ones. Ejarov is currently on second place with 2 points. Those two points consist of 2 draws and 1 win.

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