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18 Jul 2014

C25 Vienna Game: Vienna Gambit

C25 Vienna Game: Vienna Gambit

This is similar to the King's Gambit as I don't like either opening all that much. I know this particular oppenent quite well, he is better at tactics than I am and almost every time we play blitz he usually gets a better position, sometimes he is even up a piece or something but his time usage gives me usually the win...

Game number two. This game was played in a team match called TMCL 2016, Sub-Div. WL2, R1. It is played between Battle For Victory and Unikat - Automat Team on 193 boards. I played on board 54 for Battle For Victory and in addition to this loss, I won my other game against qwewrty. The current score in the match is 113 - 182 in favor of Unikat - Automat Team. While the current score is very grim from our point of view, we can still turn things around.

I have usually accepted the gambit when its either this Vienna Gambit or King's Gambit, but in this game I decided to decline it. I am not sure if accepting the gambit would have changed the result in any way. In my opinion I had a decent position after 7...O-O. After that I am not sure if my decisions were all that good. I liked the look of 8...Nd4 followed by 9...Nxf3+, but opening the g-file and creating doubled pawns on the f-file probably was not as good to me as I had thought. Actually the open g-file just helped my opponent to create an attack against my king. I did not really like the looks of my next two moves Bh3 and Be6 either. Bh3 actually just helped my opponent because I was not able to keep my bishop there. I was somewhat worried that if I do not move it away from h3, then my opponent will play f3, Kh1, Ng1 and wins a free piece because there is no way for me to protect the bishop.

Even after Be6 I thought that I should survive, but I knew that I had messed up to some extent. Maybe I could have held on, had I not played 16...d5, which of course looked good to me at the time I played it, but not when I saw the reply 17.Qg3 threatning to both take the pawn on e5 and end the game next move with Qxg7#. My position looked quite horrible at that time and I knew that I will most likely lose this game. I did look for possible moves that could save me, and I thought I had found it when my opponent played 19.Bd4. That move basically traps the queen, so I played the horrible Bd6 that indeed makes it impossible for the queen to flee safely, the big problem for me is that qwewrty could play Qxf6!! It would not have been possible as long as my bishop defended the knight on f6. I completely missed that idea and after I saw it, I considered resigning the game, but continued my futile resistance for a couple of moves instead.

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