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17 Jul 2014

C34 King's Gambit: Accepted. Fischer Defense

C34 King's Gambit: Accepted. Fischer Defense

One of the rare examples of me winning a game in the King's Gambit Accepted. Just to balance things out, I will post my losses at some point in time. Feel free to post a comment if you want to see a game in particular opening and I will get an example of it if I can and analyse it. This game was analysed quite awhile ago with Fritz 10. I will post newer games when I come across something I want to share with the readers and other chess enthusiasts. Analysis updated January 23rd 2015.

Second rare example of me winning a game in this line. I honestly think that my results in this opening variation should usually be the other way around but first two games that I found in this line and analysed were both ones that I won. Also this one is quite a bit newer example than the first game as this was played seven years later than the first one. The engine and the computer used to analyse the game has been much improved for this game.

Third game to be featured here and my first publicly shared game where I lose in this line. My opponent here is the strongest by far that I have faced in correspondence chess. I have played two games against him and both ended in my loss very quickly. That other game I will also post today under my post called A20 English Opening: King's English Variation. General.

This fourth game was played in a team match called Halloween match. The two teams playing against each other are CHESS CORNER and Obsessive Chess Disorder!! I played for the latter team on board 11 in this match-up. I won both my games against this opponent on time. We are currently leading the match 6,5 - 4,5 but still a lot of games left, so the winner is not decided yet. This game was added December 15th 2014.

Game number five. This my second game against CCapivara in this same opening, this time I had to settle for a draw. Well, draw was all I could hope for in the final position. This game decreased my rating by two points so it was not that bad. It does mean that my peak rating is now two points away but I can maybe get my rating over 2200 after the next game ends. It does require a win from me but I am feeling confident about my chances at least for the moment. I really should learn an alternative way to play against the King's Gambit to give me alternatives to this quite annoying opening.

This sixth game was played in a team match called south prairie. It is played between Wolf's Lair and Himgouree's club. I am playing board one for Himgouree's club. Only one game remains in the match and it is my other game against jevta22. As we lead the match 2 - 5, even I lose my other game, we win this match. Both teams had four players in this match and each player played against their opponent one simultaneous game at a time but each player plays two games one with the white pieces and the other with the black pieces. I did won this game on time but had the game continued who knows what would have happened. I think all results would have still been possible.

Game number seven. Here is funny game, or so I thought after the game, during the game it was nerve wrecking experience. Before this game I didn't know much about the King's Gambit or this particular variation and during the game I just tried as best as I can to work out the variations. After the game, when I had analysed it with Fritz 10 I was surprised to see that it was theory up to move 9. 0-0. This is I think the only time I faced this particular variation in the 13 years I have played chess. Well I may have played chess longer than that but I consider 2001 being the first year, since it was a year when I started to actually look some theory or some tactical exercises. I also played my first tournament in 2001. During the analysis update for this I did realise that it was not Muzio Gambit after all, so I moved the game here and deleted my post about Muzio Gambit. When I first published this game I looked that the analysis was a bit old but it did say that the opening would have been C37 King's Gambit: Accepted. Muzio Gambit and as mentioned before it said in the notation that 9.O-O was last book move. I thought surely this has to be right but only after actually looking at theory I could not find a variation of Muzio Gambit that would include 3...d6 or d6 at any point in the variation. It is true that the game variation has some aspects of the Muzio Gambit but it can't be in my opinion classified as that. The game was moved here with updated anylysis on January 25th 2015.

Game number eight. This game is from the Team Match Champions League Division D, round one. This match is played between DEORLS! and THE VAMPIRE. I play board 7 for the DEORLS! in this match where there are players on 27 boards. The current score is 21,5 - 23,5 in favor of THE VAMPIRE. The winner of the match is still not decided and hopefully I can get a better result in my other game against ACW. There is no explanation why I was able to play again so badly but it has been a reoccuring theme lately. I still do not like this opening...

Game number nine. This was played in the first round of the 2014 August Banded Quartets I 1700-1800 tournament held at Red Hot Pawn. I was able to win my first round group with quite a clear difference to the player who finished second place in the group. I got 20 points and the second place finisher got 13 points. You get 3 points for a win and one for a draw in this tournament. The tournament is currently in the second round and the winner is almost clear already. If I can win all my remaining games, I can tie the current leader in points. It is actually quite doubtful that I can do that but we will see what happens.

Game number ten. This game is from a tournament called 2014 September Octet I 1700-1800. I got one win and one draw against gilaadm in this tournament. Even that half a point loss did mean that there was no chance for me to win the tournament. Then again the more important games against the player who won the tournament I lost both my games, so even if I would have won the game you see below, it would not have made any difference to the winner of the tournament. Interestingly enough the only player who managed to even get a draw from the winner, is the same player who I am battling for second place. My opponent in those two remaining games is also the lowest rated player currently in the tournament.

Game number 11. The game below is from a team match called Let;s get it on 2015! The match is still ongoing and it is played between !♔NM Aww-Rats Free Video Lessons!♔ and Romeo and Juliet. I am playing board 13 in this match for Romeo and Juliet. This match is played on 107 boards and the current score is 82,5 - 108,5 in favor of Romeo and Juliet. That means that we have secured the win already in this match! Maybe I have been mostly helpful in this match for our team before the match started and was able to drop people to lower boards. I do try my best in the last remaining game aswell so that I would maybe feel a bit better on my playing in this match.

Game number 12. This was played in a team match called ♔ Chess Without Limits ♔ vs RED STONES and it was played between Limitless Chess and RED STONES. I played board 8 in this match for Limitless Chess and I was able to win both of my games. The score after all the games on 16 boards had finished is 23,5 - 8,5 in favor of Limitless Chess.

Game number 13. The game below was played at GameKnot in a tournament called mike5972p's mini-tournament VII. I have lost two games out of the thirteen games I finished already in this tournament and this is one of the losses. I really need to come up with an alternative way to play against the King's Gambit as the way I have been playing it is not that good. I have started to face the King's Gambit surprisingly often lately, so I need to look at this opening quite soon. It is true that it is kind of rare compared to other openings I face but maybe it comes often enough that it requires to be dealt with...

Game number 14. The game below is from the mike5972p's mini-tournament VII that is being played at GameKnot. I am currently on sixth place but I could get to second place still if I manage to win my remaining games. I might actually tie for first place if I indeed manage to win all six games I still have left to finish in this tournament. At the moment it does not look all that likely thing to happen though. The game below was lost in one move as I did not see the very good reply to my move that I thought would be good for me. 19...Nxb2?? was the huge blunder because my opponent could simply reply with 20.e6! and the game could have finished there but I did try to find some tricks that could have saved me, unfortunately I was not able to do so as my opponent played well enough to secure his point.

Game number 15. The game below was played in a team match called Visiting Wolve's lair and it is played between F&R and TROY. I am playing on board 2 in this match for F&R. The current score in this 23 board match is 29,5 - 15,5 in favor of F&R. With only game left to play in this match, my other game against driso, we have secured the win in this match.

Game number 16. This was played in the third and final round of the 2014 August Banded Threesomes I 1700-1800 tournament that is still ongoing at Red Hot Pawn. This third round has been really tough for me and so far I have lost all my games. It is true that there is only two that have finished so far but the remaining games do not look all that great for me either. It would be quite close to a catastrophe if I were to lose all my third round games but how the games are going, I would not be all that surprised by that. It also seems at the moment at least that I am clearly the lowest rated player in this group but not that much lower rated that I should not have any chances in these games. I have dropped my rating at RHP quite consistently lately and I think I would need a complete reboot there. Meaning that I would like to finish all my current games, then take a little bit of a break and then start to build the game load again with a better understanding on how many games I can play at the same time without much problems.

Game number 17. This was played on the third round of the WORLD OPEN RAPID tournament that was played at the FIDE Online Arena on April 12th 2015. My opponent in the game below is by far the strongest player that I have faced at FOA. This was my first loss in this tournament and after three rounds I had won two and lost one game.

Game number 18. This one was played in the first round of the LA BELLE FRANCE TOURNAMENT 3 that is being played at This was the last game in this tournament for me as I finished third in group #3 and only two of the best players from each group advanced to the next round. This is one of the worst performances in tournaments at that I can remember. My opponent in the game below, Diogenes_of_Sinope won the group having scored 4 points in six games. It was half a point better score than that of luismiguelmonreal, who finished second.

Game number 19. This was one of those games where I was able to salvage the game to a draw from a position that should have been lost. From my move 24...Nf4?? to my move 41...h3, I was in constant danger of losing the game. Then on move 42 my opponent made an inaccuracy that enabled me to get into an even position. The position went closer and closer to a dead draw and after the move 56.Rxa3 the game should have ended to a draw in my opinion. I did offer my opponent a draw couple of times in this king and rook versus king and rook endgame but eldesgarrador did not accept it. I think my opponent was annoyed by the fact that the position had become a clear draw and only tried to flag me at this point and get the full point that way as the win was not possible anymore in other ways. I would offer a draw in these type of positions against anyone and despite the times on the clock, because I do not like to waste time. The only positions where I would continue playing king and rook versus king and rook endgame would be one where I could win my opponent's rook by force. After 50 moves without captures or pawn moves, the game was declared a draw and I could finally relax. I was never really in that short of time that my opponent's try to flag me would have worked. I think I had around two or three minutes to play those 50 moves.

Game number 20. The game below was played in a team match called LullabyVisca vs !♔NM Aww-Rats Free Video Lessons!♔. The match is played on 90 boards and I played on board 20 for LullabyVisca. In addition to the loss in this game, I was able to win my other game against Cratercat. The current score in the match is 95 - 78 in favor of LullabyVisca. That is not enough for the Super Admin of our opponent to acknowledge the loss, however, because apparently our Super Admin deleted boards 91-97, which means that he feels we ought to get 97.5 points in order to win this match in the way he can accept. Regardless what happens in the remaining games, as far as is concerned, LullabyVisca has already won the match.

Game number 21. This was played in a team match called Alien Go To Russia. It is a match that consists of 100 boards and it is played between LullabyVisca and Team Russia. I played on board 34 for LullabyVisca in this match and addition to this loss, I drew my other game against Trogvar. The current score is 89.5 - 109.5 in favor of Team Russia. Team Russia has therefore secured their win in the match quite comfortably. We had a huge problem with timeouts, we lost 39 games due to timeouts. While timeouts were a problem to our opponent as well, they only lost 13 games on time. There is only one game in progress, so that will not change things all that much in one way or the other as far as this match is concerned.

This game had a lot of promising moments for me, times when I thought that I can actually win this game. I ended up in difficult positions despite my material advantage and I was not able to convert my advantage into a win, but instead messed up and lost the game. Losing this game was really disappointing for me, not only because I was probably in a winning position for awhile, but also because this game lasted several months. The game started on June 26th, 2015 and finished on March 12th, 2016.

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