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17 Jul 2014

A36 English Opening: Symmetrical Variation. Botvinnik System

A36 English Opening: Symmetrical Variation. Botvinnik System

Here is an example of the Botvinnik System which has in turn embedded in the comments, examples from games played by much better players than I am. I hope you find it useful. There are a lot of examples in my analysed games of the English and this type of system but I think I will find games from other openings for my next post. The analysis in this game has been updated January 5th 2015.

Game number two to be featured here is quite old, being played almost seven years ago. Sometimes it does take a while for me to look at the games I have played...

Game number three. This was played on the fifth and final round of a tournament that was played during a weekend at Eura between September 24th and September 25th in 2005. This was a tournament where I started very well, but finished very poorly. On the first round I got a win against a player who was rated 2063. Never before had I won a game against so high rated opponent. The rest of the tournament was a complete disaster for me as I lost all my remaining four games. I have to say though that I was the only one who was able to win against that first round opponent as he then went on to win all his remaining games.

The game below is against a player who I faced quite regularly in my earliest chess playing days, but whom I have not played against in years. I do not remember exactly how many games I have against Kimmo, but I think it is maybe five to ten games. I think the results have been quite balanced if I recall correctly. This loss made sure that I was third last in the final standings.

Game number four. The game below was played on the fifth and final round of a tournament that was played at Helsinki close to ten years ago. This was my only win in the tournament, I lost every game on the first four rounds. I was 27th in the final standings of this tournament's group B. The group B consisted of 28 players and the only player who finished worse than me was the player who I faced in this game. The result of this bad tournament was that my rating dropped by 41 points. Later on the year this downward spiral continued and my rating ended plummeting more than any other year before that or since then. I think my over the board rating dropped by 238 points in 2006.

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