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19 Jul 2014

C45 Scotch Game: Schmidt Variation

C45 Scotch Game: Schmidt Variation

I have played the Scotch on both colors though more games as Black than with White. It is a opening that I know quite well these days in my honest opinion, well at least the two variations that I most often faced either over the board or in the internet. Since I no longer really play close chess and haven't done so in quite a long time, it has been more of the latter for me for some months. I did by accident analyse this game again with my current engine so I replaced the old analysis with the new one.

Second example in this line features a bit newer game to look at.

Game number three in this variation is updated the same day when I put my 100th opening variation post and the date for that is October 23rd 2014.

Game number four that I share with you all is a game I played awhile ago at Queen Alice Internet Chess Club.

Game number five but first one where I play with the white pieces. It may be interesting to note that the ratings shown are not the ones that were the ratings of these players during their encounter but the ratings are taken from the day when I got the pgn-file for the games. This applies to all my Queen Alice Internet Chess Club games, maybe also other correspondence chess games that I have shared publicly in this blog.

This sixth game was played over three years ago at GameKnot. Two other games against this same opponent I have also recently posted as they were consecutive games on the database I got them from.

This seventh game is a bit newer one as the previous one, this one was played this year. With seven wins in seven games this has also become the most successful opening variation for me that I have featured in this blog.

Eight game and finally also a loss in this line... It started to be a bit too hard to maintain a perfect score in this opening. Well, this game was not decided in the opening so it was only my later moves in the middle game that cost me the game. Sometimes my understanding of the positions is very limited to nonexistent. This game was played in a team match called 50 MEMBER MILESTONE and it was played between Life Is Chess and Chess School on 10 boards. I played board two for Life Is Chess. This game was the first one of the two games I played in this match to finish, the one that finished later I won. That was also I think the last game of the match and the match ended 12 - 8 in to our victory!

Game number nine. This was played in the 2014 August Grand Seven Fourteen III tournament. It is all versus all times two tournament and I am currently fighting for the third place in the tournament. The victory in the tournament is already impossible for me as I have lost too many points.

Game number 10. This one is from the 2014 August Grand Seven Fourteen II tournament held at Red Hot Pawn. This tournament started August 11th 2014, the thinking times are 7 days per move and 14 days are in the bank. Points are calculated as follows: three points for a win and one point for a draw. I have currently 91 points and I can get to 115 if I win my remaining games. That puts me in second place behind caissad4 who is at the moment leading the tournament with currently at 101 points and he can get to 116 points. I am still playing both my games against the leader of the tournament, so anything can happen still.

Game number 11. If I am not mistaken my opponent in this game was the first player at Red Hot Pawn to reach the amazing milestone of one million moves!! There are actually two players now there who have reached that milestone and I think they will be the only ones for quite some time. Well, I am not sure if players can be sorted by the amount of moves they have made there but I would think that no one else comes close to these two. As I looked my opponent's profile, it seems that he has 1118 games in progress at the moment. I do not know he has time to make so many moves during the day. That being said, making that many moves might not take all that much time if you just make moves without spending all that much time in doing them. The game below was played in the 2014 August Grand Seven Fourteen II tournament. It is a 21 player tournament where everyone plays against everyone else twice. This game was added to this post February 28th 2015.

Game number 12. Second game in a row against the hardcore move maker ZorroTheFox. This one was played in the 2014 August Grand Seven Fourteen III tournament held at Red Hot Pawn. This tournament has thinking times of 7 days per move and 14 days are in the bank. That means that if you go over the seven day limit, the bank starts depleting. For each move you get the minimum of seven days. I have still minimal chances of finishing second in this tournament but that would mean that I would win all my remaining games and the player currently second could not get more points in his remaining games. This game was added February 28th 2015.

Game number 13. The game you see below was played in a team match called Diamonds vs NINJA EMPIRE---Open 3day/move, 1-10 boards. It is stilll ongoing match between Diamond Members & Staff and NINJA EMPIRE ~ 忍者帝国. I play board two in this match for the Diamond Members & Staff. We have already secured the win in this match as only my other game against desker is left to play and we lead the match 10,5 - 8,5. Luckily for me this loss was not a meaningful to the match anymore. It is a good thing that my teammates were more alert than I was. We will see if i can get something done in my other game against desker and feel not that bad about my performance in this match. This match started November 3rd 2014. This game was added to this post March 6th 2015.

Game number 14. This one was played in the 2014 August Grand Seven Fourteen III tournament that is held at Red Hot Pawn. I am currently on fourth place in this 21 player tournament. I have still some chances for third place but I think that second place is too unlikely to happen at this point. Especially since it feels like I lose almost every game I play these days.

Game number 15. This one was played in the third round of the WORLD OPEN RAPID tournament that was held at the FIDE Online Arena. After this game I had experienced every possible result in this tournament, a win, a loss and a draw. At this point, my unmonitored rating was going down and my monitored elo was maybe slightly improving. There was quite a few chances for my opponent to get a winning position but luckily for me, ilragno was not able to find the path to victory this time.

Game number 16. The game below is just one more example of the unnecessary losses that I faced a few at some point in time. Missing a mate in one in a correspondence game is of course ridiculous and should not happen but with me everything is possible. Well, I have learned from these losses and I think I can avoid these type of losses from now on. Despite this loss, I am still fighting for the win in this 2014 Grand Seven Fourteen III tournament with five other players. The tournament is played at Red Hot Pawn and it started September 11th 2014.

Game number 17. This was played in a 21 player tournament called 2014 September Grand Seven Fourteen III. It started September 11th 2014 and the tournament is still ongoing. The timeout in this tournament is 7 days and there is also 14 days in the timebank. I am currently fifth in the tournament but I still have chances to win it as I have 14 games still in progress out of the 40 games that started in this tournament. There are a couple of players who have better chances to win this as they have higher maximum possible score than I have. I still have most of my games against the leading players in progress though, so I can maybe mix things up a bit.

Game number 18. The game below was played in a team match called Open Challenge Team Bengaluru - ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು. It was played between Team Bengaluru - ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು and King Hunters. I played on board 2 in this match for King Hunters and I was able to get one win and loss out of my two games. The match was played on 10 boards and the final result was 13 - 7 in favor of Team Bengaluru - ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು.

Game number 19. This was played in the fourth and final round of the WORLD OPEN RAPID tournament that was held at the FIDE Online Arena on March 29th 2015. I finished the tournament with three wins and one loss, which was a decent result from these games.

Game number 20. The game below was played in a team match called burek. It is played between Bosnia and Herzegovina and CHOCOLATE II on 31 boards. I played on board 4 for CHOCOLATE II and in addition to this draw, I won my other game against Sadudin. The winner of the match has been decided already some time ago and with only one game left in the match, Bosnia and Herzegovina leads the match 39.5 - 21.5. This game was added to this post on August 11th 2015.

Game number 21. This game was played in the first round of a rapid chess tournament that was held at the FIDE Online Arena on April 4th 2015. This has been one of the easiest starts to a tournament there because my opponent basically just blundered a couple of pieces too easily in this game.

Game number 22. The game below is from the second round of the WORLD OPEN RAPID tournament that was played at the FIDE Online Arena on April 11th 2015. Second loss in a row in this tournament and fifth one in a row at FOA, so things looked really bad at this point. There were three rounds left to turn the downward spiral into an uphill climb and generally just stop losing.

Game number 23. This was played on the fourth round of the WORLD OPEN RAPID tournament that was played at the FIDE Online Arena on April 13th 2015. At the moment this is the latest tournament that I have played there. After this tournament I have only played some challenge games there. Mostly against a friend of mine against whom I have 100 game match in progress. It has been on pause quite some time now but maybe next week we can continue that match once more. The game below was my first actual win of the tournament, so better late than never I guess.

Game number 24. This was played in the first round of the 2014 October Glacial Super Casual Banded I 1650+ tournament that is still in progress at Red Hot Pawn. This is probably the slowest paced tournament that I have ever taken part of, timeout is 21 days and there are also 21 days in the bank. I have four games in progress on this first round that will also be my final round because I was unable to keep myself in the battle for the win of the group. I have gathered 33 points so far and my maximum possible score is 45. If I win all of my remaining games I have theoretical chances to finish second on this group. I am currently in fifth place. The leader of the group is a player called takinitez007 (1873), who has gathered 56 points so far and has a maximum possible score of 62, which is also the highest maximum possible score that anyone has at the moment, so takinitez007 has the best chances to win the group. Actually takinitez007 is already secured at least a shared win of the group because the closest rival of takinitez007 is a player called caissad4 (1854), whose maximum possible score is 56, which is the second highest maximum possible score in the group, but only enough to tie the score with takinitez007.

Game number 25. This game brings you board 4 action from a team match called Chess mates 97th match. The match is played on 20 boards between ♕♖ChEsS MaTeS♕♖ and Unikat - Automat Team. I played for ♕♖ChEsS MaTeS♕♖ and I was able to win both my games against akl19591959. My success on board 4 was of little help for our team this time, as the current score 12.5 - 23.5 is in favor of Unikat - Automat Team and therefore they will also get the win of the match as soon as all the games have finished.

Game number 26. This was played in a team match called 2015.08.28 ~~~ TCP - * The WOLF *. It is played on 31 boards between TURK CHESS PLAYERS and * The WOLF *. I played on board 3 for * The WOLF *. This time I was not able to help the team at all in points, I lost both of my games against dekara. Unfortunately I was not the only one in our team who was not able to get points from our opponent and the current score in the match is 35 - 26 in favor of TURK CHESS PLAYERS. The score tells a grim tale of our loss, which will be confirmed after all the games have finished. Our opponent even could lose more games on time than we did and still we are going to lose. Of course the timeout losses were quite even, TCP only had two more of them than we did, so it was not enough to make a huge difference on the final result.

Game number 27. This one was played on the first round of the 2015 October Grand Split Three Seven I 1800+ tournament. The first round is still in progress at Red Hot Pawn and I have still six more games left to finish before I can stop thinking about this tournament and my games in it. That is because only winner or winners of the group will advance to the next round and it was determined some time ago that I have no chances to fight for the win of the group. My goal in those last games is just to maintain or improve my rating, preferably the latter of course. ZorroTheFox has currently 19 points and only has two more games to improve his score. 19 points are enough for the 11th place at the moment. There are two players who can overtake him still though. I am currently on 6th place with 39 points, but my position in the final standings is still far from clear. I can finish anywhere between 3rd and 9th place at the moment, though 3rd and 9th place are really unlikely at the moment.

Game number 28. The game below was played on the third round of the Sarah's Mini Cooper Tournament (No 52). I am currently on fourth place with 2 points. If I win all my remaining games, I will finish 2nd and advance to the next round. It might be too much to ask at the moment, but I guess I still have a small chance to do that. My opponent, DocOrtho, is on 5th place in this five player group's final standings. DocOrtho had a really rough time and lost all 8 games this round. I was able to advance from the first round by winning Group 14 with a one point difference to the player who finished second. Then on the second round I was second in the final standings of Group 1 and I was able to get half a point less than the winner of the group. More importantly I was able to get one full point more than the player who finished third and secured my place on round three.

The balance in this game shifted many times from even to my small advantage to clear advantage and back to a more even position. The game losing blunder comes when my opponent played 22.Qc3. After that the game is lost for DocOrtho. Had he played the exchange sacrifice that Stockfish suggested in this after game analysis, he could have kept the game in balance.

Game number 29. The game below was played in a team match called Limitless Harmony. The match is played at on 86 boards between The Harmony Chess and Limitless Chess. I played on board 19 for Limitless Chess and in addition to this draw, I won my other game against anvari-hasan on time. I only made one move in that game while my opponent did not move at all. The current score in the match is 97 - 65 in favor of The Harmony Chess, which means they have secured the win in the match quite comfortably. I could have won this game if I had found the right way to handle the ending with the opposite colored bishops. I was even somewhat worried that had I continued the game, I would have tried too hard to win and would have lost the game.

For the first seven moves both players played reasonable moves, but then on his 8th move, my opponent blunders and gives me the opportunity to get a clear advantage. I did get a clear advantage with my move, but I could have played 8...Bxc3 9.Bxc3 Nxe4 10.Qxe4 Re8 and things are looking quite good for me. The next mistake of the game was played by anvari-hasan with his 11th move. Had I replied correctly, I would have been close to winning this game already at this point in the game. I played a bad move instead after which the position is closer of being equal again. The reply to my move 11...Qg5+ is not a good one and I would have been in a good position to get a deciding advantage, but then it was my turn to blunder the advantage away. The position was about even after 13.f3, but for a few moves after that anvari-hasan was on the better side of the board and could have had a winning advantage, had my opponent replied accurately to my huge blunder 18...Ne7. It was better to move the knight to d6, which I probably rejected during the game because it would appear that it loses a pawn. This kind of thinking is probably one of the reasons why I have not become a great chess player and instead play roughly at the same level as I have for some years now.

I played a second awful move in a row which did give the opportunity for my opponent to get the win in case he played accurately enough. I even made third blunder in a row, but even that did not guarantee loss for me, which is rather wierd. After that third blunder 20...Be6, my opponent played 21.Qg3, which is not the best move and now White's advantage only clear instead of winning. My positional downhill continued again with the move 22...a5, but again immediately anvari-hasan throws some of the advantage away by playing 23.h6. The next turning point of the game came when my opponent played 28.Rhf1, which brings the game closer to a draw again. Even still White has compensation for the pawn. Around this point the compensation for the pawn starts to decrease a bit and the material advantage I had, started to count again. I was doing well until I played 37...Be4 after which my opponent could have played 38.Rc1 and I would have been in trouble. Anvari-hasan forfeited the advantage immediately by playing 38.Qa7, which could have been the losing move, had I known how to win that endgame. Both players played some really horrible moves and this game could have gone either way many times, maybe I am quite okay with the draw, but I need to turn similar endings into won games in the future.

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