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15 Jun 2016

3 check C00 French Defense: Knight Variation

3 check C00 French Defense: Knight Variation

The game below I played today with a slight headache and the way I played did not help me to feel better... It is ridiculous how badly I played this game, but at least I may have a better understanding of 3 check than before. Had this been a chess game, I would have been clearly better or winning for the most of this game, but because of the variant I was in trouble for the most part of the game. Again more detailed description of what I think about the moves can be found in the game notation.

By the way, I almost thought that I can use ChessBase 12 again like the way I have been able to before, but today I noticed that it still has a problem that needs to be fixed. Therefore I have been in contact with the support once again. However, the problem I have with it now does not luckily exist in Deep Fritz 14, so I can still work on my games without too much difficulty, I just experience some annoyance due to this. The support has replied within a reasonable time, so no problems there. I have added one mate in two, one mate in three and three mate in four puzzles today.

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