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1 Dec 2015

Chess960 SP839

Chess960 SP839

Yesterday I was almost too distracted to be able to make the post. So, I decided today to change the way that I planned on doing the post because I thought I might be a bit too distracted today as well to get the planned things done. I think I will also do the posts for the rest of the week a bit differently than I previously thought. Main difference will be that I am unlikely to update my older posts at least this week, I will do that again when I know that I can concentrate properly again. Maybe this does not make that much sense to those who are reading this, but it makes sense to me. Anyway, today I played two more chess960 games at These were played with 14 minute and 8 second increment time controls. The first game especially was played way too fast considering the time limits. I maybe used only slightly over 8 minutes for the 35 moves in the game and my opponent used even less time for the game. This is my only draw that I have played at I was the one who offered the draw in this game because I thought that win was not possible anymore. I have added one mate in one, one mate in two and five mate in four puzzles today.

Game number two. Once again, it was my opponent who challenged me to this game. I used more time on this game than on the first game because I knew that I have to play better moves and only way to do that is to use more time on the game. The game below is my fourth game on, which all have been chess960 games. After four games I have won 3 three games and drawn one game. So far it has gone quite well, but undoubtedly I am put to my place as I play more games there.

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